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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

"do not speak of evil for it creates curiosity in the hearts of the young" Lakota proverb

Monday, February 13, 2012

91r£: 1 £0v3 ¥0µ.
b0¥: 1 £0v3 ¥0µ 700.
91r£: pr0v3 17, $(r34m 17 70 7h3 w0r£Ð.
b0¥: *wh1$p3r$ 1n 34r* 1 £0v3 ¥0µ.
91r£: Wh¥'Ð ¥0µ wh1$p3r 17 70 m3?
b0¥: b3(4µ$3 ¥0µ 4r3 m¥ w0r£Ð.

m1$$ ¥0µ b4b3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

ƒ0r91v3 m3 b4b3,
1 £1n|{3Ð 70 ¥0µr pr0j3(7 4nÐ 4ÐÐ3Ð 7h3 m0$7 $34r(h3Ð w0rÐ$ 0n 9009£3 70 937 ¥0µ h17$.

1 m1$$ ¥0µ & $71££ m4Ð 47 ¥0µ
m0r3 1mp0r74n7£¥ 1 m1$$ ¥0µ

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


working on a Ubicomp project,
using mathematical symmetry found in astronomy.
electronic components withing the garment are designed to entrain subjects viewing the garment.

Coincidence or synchronicity?

(01n(1Ð3n(3 0r $¥n(hr0n1(17¥?
1  h4Ð 4 еmb 4r9µm3n7, w17h 4 91r£ 1 w4$ (r42¥ 4b0µ7
(n33У3$$ 70 $4¥ $0m3 $£1m¥ ƒ0£|{$ Ð3(1Ð3Ð 70 1nv0£v3 7h3m$3£v3$ & m4|{3 m4773r$ w0r$3)
$h3 £3ƒ7 70wn 0v3r 17.

N33У3$$ 70 $4¥ 1 w4$ h34r7br0|{3n,
& 7r13Ð 70 ƒ0r937 4b0µ7 h3r

7h3 07h3r Ð4¥
4 £1n|{ p0pp3Ð µp 0n ¥0µ7µb3 0n m¥ mµ$1( p£4¥£1$7, (17 w4$ h3r (h4nn3£)
7h3n h3r n4m3 w4$ br0µ9h7 µp 70 m3 36 71m3$ b¥ 4(qµ41n74n(3$ 7h3 p4$7 ƒ3w Ð4¥$.

1 $74r73Ð (4£(µ£471n9 p3rmµ74710n 0ƒ (h4n(3$ $7471$71(4££¥ 0ƒ h3r n4m3 (0m1n9 µp 37 71m3$ 1n 7h47 71m3.
1 4m n0w 4r71$71(4££¥ "b£0(|{3Ð" b3(4µ$3 (h4071( 3v3n7 $3qµ3n(3$ 4r3 (r3471n9 Ð373rm1n1$71( p4773rn$.

1 n0rm4££¥ Ð0 n07 £1|{3 70 4n7hr0p0m0rph123 7h3 µn1v3r$3,

0|{ ƒ1n3, Wh47'$ µp 90Ð?
Wh47 4r3 ¥0µ 7r¥1n 70 73££ m3?

70 m4|{3 4m3nÐ$?
70 ƒ1nÐ h3r?
70 m3$$ w17h m3?
70 73$7 m¥ $4n17¥?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

To go out on the Town, or NOt,
tis be the question,

Tho Boston not be,
the me first choice for me,
for a Saturday night out you see.